Continue Typography

Is there Beauty in Text?

If you haven’t finished the previous assignment yet, continue that one. When you are ready to move on, you may begin this one.

Assignment 2&3:

Adobe Illustrator (link)

For part of this unit, we will using Adobe Illustrator CS6. Adobe Illustrator is a graphic creation software used to create Vector-based works. At the end of this unit, you’ll work toward creating a piece of art utilizing data, numbers, or other mathematical principles.

PDF About Adobe Illustrator CS6
Videos about Illustrator CS6 from
Videos about New Features from
Learning Illustrator Videos on

Current Work

  1. Look into the links below:
    Powerpoint on Type from Balfour Publishing
  2. In Illustrator, play with the tools in this tutorial. Upload an image using the majority of the tools and post it on your blog.
    Typography Tips in Illustrator 
  3. Play with some of the techniques and tools in the tutorial below.
    Vintage Typography Tutorial
  4. Create your own composition using type and some of the tools you used.

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