Codex of Alchemical Engineering

Tuesday’s Coming

Next Tuesday evening is Open House and the IB Fair. We are looking for a couple of students to help show and share our Tech offerings, both classes and clubs. On a related note, Robotics Club is this afternoon, and the first Coding Club meeting is directly after school today.

Play the Codex of Alchemical Engineering

Play it
The Codex of Alchemical Engineering is by Zachtronics, by the creator of SpaceChem, an indie game that won awards and earned a lot of positive press the year it was released. The Codex of Alchemical Engineering may not look amazing, but its a decent problem solving game.

I’ve had both high schoolers and middle schoolers play and understand the game. However, the game is a little instruction heavy at the start, and they may leave you a little confused. In addition, when you start the first level, there is no tutorial, but if you play with it a bit, you should get the hang of it. The directions are a bit more helpful after you’ve started the first level, you can go back to the instructions by clicking the help button in the bottom left of the screen. Once you’ve completed a levels requirements, you can save, quit, and move onto the next level.


  1. What is the basic goal in the game, and how do you meet it?
  2. What are the minimum number of arms (or manipulators) you need to complete level two?
  3. Think about the different programming options for the manipulator. When you are about to place a manipulator, press shift and control a couple of times. Notice how the graphic changes. Based on the programming options, and the graphical changes when adjusting the manipulators rotation and length, how many degrees of freedom would you say it has?
  4. Imagine each square on the grid is exactly a meter. Based on that hypothetical measurement, what is the manipulators minimum workspace?
  5. Using the same measurements as question 5, what is the manipulators maximum workspace?
  6. Tell me about your overall experience with the Codex of Alchemical Engineering.

If you think you’re real sharp, there’s a second set of levels that are even harder… Try the Magnus Opus Challenge, if you think you can handle it.


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