More About Robotic Arms

How are robotics used in the medical field?
– and surgeons working with robotic arms
Robotic arm delivered to Houston special needs teen
Can robotic arms be used to augment ourselves?
How are robotics used in manufacturing?

Check out the puzzle game, Robotic Arm. The concept is that you have robotic arms, and you have items they must grab. However, the object varies where it sits in the robot’s workspace. You’ll have to click the different servos to figure out how to get the end effector to move to the specified point. You’ll need to complete quite a few levels before you really start to experience the challenge of the game.

1- How can robotic arms provide benefits to society?

2- What are some negative effects robotic arms may have on our society?

3- What are your thoughts on the puzzle game “Robotic Arm”?


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