If you haven’t seen it yet… some of the TOP JOB listings for 2014 are out… and if you like technology, notice technology is in the top slot on all three of the top lists, as well as fills in a few other slots here and there. So, if you’re into technology, keep learning about technology.

You’ll be making course selections soon, if you haven’t already.  Things to consider?  Classes like Digital Design and Digital Art both use professional level software, utilized by a wide variety of industries- and Digital Art can count as your art credit (unless your in 11th). Programming and code-related classes like Robotics, Web Design, and Computer Science are related to a huge area of job growth in software and application development (this includes everything from games, to music, to banking, to scientific modeling).

If you interested in classes like these, the more you and others sign up, the more we’ll be able to offer. We’d like to be able to offer stuff like Game Design, Web Game Design, App Development, 3D animation, etc, but we can only offer more if you guys are choosing technology classes.

Programming & Coding is an area of job growth that by 2020 they are expecting to have to outsource 1,000,000 programming positions because they can’t find capable americans for it. Unemployment rate is currently under 3% in this field, and some predictions state that there are as many as 5 open job positions currently available for each capable american coder.

 According to:US Bureau of LaborTop 12 of 30

1. Network Systems & Data Comm. Analyst

2. Personal & Home Care Aide

3. Home Health Aide

4. Comp. Software Engineer

5. Veterinary Tech.

6. Personal Financial Adviser

7. Theatrical Makeup Artist

8. Medical Assistant

9. Veterinarian

10. Substance Abuse &

Behavioral Disorder Counselor

11. Skin Care Specialist

12. Financial Analyst

 According to:Career Builder & EMS Intl.Top 12 of 12

1. Software Developer

2. Market Research Analyst

& Market Specialist

3. Training & Dev. Specialist

4. Financial Analyst

5. Physical Therapist

6. Web Developer

7. Logistician

8. Database Administrator

9. Event / Convention Planner

10. Interpreter & Translator

11. Petroleum Engineer

12. Information Security Analyst

 According to:US NewsTop 12 of 100

1. Software Developer

2. Computer Systems Analyst

3. Dentist

4. Nurse Practitioner

5. Pharmacist

6. Registered Nurse

7. Physical Therapist

8. Physician

9. Web Developer

10. Dental Hygienist

11. Information Security Analyst

12. Database Administrator


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