For today, use this InDesign document created by one of your fellow students on Monday.
By the end of class, make sure you have any work for today and Monday posted on your blog.

Things to format into the InDesign document:
Letter & Notes from the Director

We are thinking about and talking about what tech courses we will teach in the future. However, we want to make sure we teach courses that students are interested in.   I’m using a Google form to record students interests; if you are interested in taking Tech-related classes, please share you opinion. This video (previously posted) shows the tech courses we are qualified for. If you are wanting to start learning programming / computer science next year, please come see me.

If you are interested in any tech related jobs, you should learn some coding (Comp Sci, or/and to a lesser extent Web Design). Watch a promotional video on coding. There’s more to computer science than just computers… Watch this video to see what people are doing with computer science. If you are graduating and interested in a Tech Job, there are ways you can start to learn programming on your own if you are interested (send me an email). If you want to work in the technology field, you need at least some experience with code.


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