Your Tech Class Options

We are still looking at what Tech Classes we might offer in the next couple of years, but we want to make sure that if we write them, they are courses that students are interested in. See what courses we currently offer, and what courses we can offer.
Let us know if you are interested in any, by using this form.
If you are wanting to learn programming / computer science next year, please come see me.
Apparently Feb. 2nd was Safer Internet Day, and Yahoo released a news video/article, with a video from ABC, called 10 Steps to Protect Yourself Online. I’m not usually a fan of news videos, but it’d be a good video for most of our population to watch.
Another thing of potential interest: released a new activity to try to get more people interested in learning computer science and coding…
What is it? It’s a series of simple tutorials to build your own Flappy Bird using their drag-and-drop pre-programmed blocks of code. You can actually share what you build and let others try it. Here’s mine.

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