Digital Design – Just FYI

If you haven’t check it out yet, there is an SBISD tech-related competition with a wide variety of stuff you can enter at the end of this month.

Just something related. If you are already done- check it out. If you aren’t done yet, finish your project first then maybe check it out later. This is not an assignment.

As we’ve talked about a little bit already-
Typography can actually make things easier or harder to read. One of the examples was that reading from columns is easier than reading all the way across a wide page, as you eye has to then jump all the way back to the left side.

Two new digital tools actually take this to the extreme. They show that not only does this make it harder to read, but also makes reading slow. So, why do they care about this? Well, utilizing their tool, they state they can help you read significantly faster, by taking out the time it takes your eye to move from one word to the next altogether.

Check it out:


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