About Brackets

Check out Adobe Brackets.

You can even watch a video about its features (It’d be the blue Watch the Video link).

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2 comments on “About Brackets

  1. rolsanmordua says:

    Would be nice to have Bracket’s live view on Dreamweaver so you don’t have to preview in browser/refresh constantly (foreshadowing update?). Being open source I could envision an iOS/android tablet app being developed with split screens showing code on bottom and live view on top or vice versa. Will download to take a look.

  2. Mr. Uu says:

    Hard to say. There are quite a few things that I’m surprised DreamWeaver still doesn’t do. Based on my understanding of how Adobe works, it seems the teams work separately. So its not uncommon for parts you’d think would be common sense to incorporate into multiple products to take a long time to integrate into anything else. Adobe Muse is a pretty cool product too, basically Adobe’s own drag and drop web design software, which can include easily creating paralax. I’ve been meaning to check the Adobe Edge softwares too, but haven’t gotten around to it.

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