Moving toward more modern web design

Bonus: If you don’t mind listening to some one talk for a few minutes, here’s a short TED talk you can check out during today’s short short class- in this she talks about what hacking really means, but also how three people were able to create something bigger, a whole website in about a day. Check it out- Catherine Bracy: Why Good Hackers Make Good Citizens

We are starting to talk about and move into CSS. To be able to quickly understand and practice this, we are going to use some of Codecademy’s HTML & CSS modules. It is setup in a fairly similar way to Mozilla’s Thimble, but also includes lessons. If you are having trouble remembering some of the stuff we’ve already covered, going back and trying some of the beginner modules may be of some benefit to you.

The CSS tutorials make use of a lot of Div Tags, so it might be a good idea to check them out first. Tables are still used a lot in Web Design, however, many consider them overly complicated and prefer Div tags. Div tags can produce cleaner code, but they can be more frustrating for students too.

Codecademy’s tutorials:

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