Thinking about Artificial Intelligence

Don’t forget you have to have a functioning animatronic robot that looks like your organism. It shouldn’t look like a robot that looks like a cat, it should actually look like a cat (and behave like one too). If you haven’t started thinking about programming or your robot’s skin, then you’re behind.

A couple videos of animatronics, but some made with Lego NXT:

Using Mechanics to Parallel Biological Joints
Animatronic Talking Head

I also posted a few extra videos in the post prior to this that you might find interesting.

Artificial Intelligence

Here’s the video of a Lego NXT ‘snail’ learning through Q-Learning I showed last year. There are lots of videos of Lego NXT robots utilizing the Q-Learning algorithm to learn, you are welcome to check them out.

On your blog:
1. What are your thoughts on the above video/videos?



Check out this video from King’s College London on Artificial Intelligence.

On your blog:
2. How do you feel about the possible future Dr. Modgil describes?



3. What do you think are some other potential uses for AI in the future?


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