1. As you try to create a robot that looks like an animal, and has the intelligence of an animal (or at least appears to)- it is important to think about the concept of intelligence. How would you define intelligence? (want some help with that?)


2. Have you seen Maggie? See Maggie on youtube here.
What do you think about Maggie? Do you find Maggie’s abilities impressive?


3. We believe that different animals have different levels of intelligence. Some we feel have very little intelligence, others a significantly greater amount. We measure this in different ways. Here’s a video on a crow. Do you feel that Tool Usage is a better determiner on intelligence than following directions and/or addition? Why or why not?


4. Have you heard of Clever Hans? After quite a bit of time in educating him, he was dubbed as an extremely intelligent horse. Check it out hereAfter watching the video about Clever Hans, does this change your impression of Maggie the Dog? Do you have any suspicions regarding Maggie’s capabilities now?


Interested in more?
If you haven’t seen it already, you might be interested in the video from March 26th, Alex Wissner-Gross: A New Equation for Intelligence. Here is a video on the intelligence of a parrot vs. that of a small child. Interested in more suspiciously intelligent animals? Check out these ravens?



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