Example of a cover

Cover example:

This was done in about an hour. This includes coming up with concept, finding a stock free image, choosing the text for the page (actually based on scientific papers), and everything else you see.


Now that it’s exported, the title does bother me a little- the blue strip to the right of owl in the title “I’m an Owl”, is a little confusing. It was suppose to be a continuation of the bare on the right side of the page, but with the text being the exact same color, and the blue strip being very similar in thickness to the letter forms… it can be a bit confusing. I’d go back and change it if I could do so easily. However, I did this when bored at a convention- I wasn’t on my own computer, so I only have it as a PDF as I didn’t feel like zipping the .ind file + image. I could still change it, but it’d be a bit more tedious now.


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