District Tech Survey

…The district would like to know how the secondary students in the district use technology.

They’ve created a google doc survey to poll the students in the district.
You can take it here.


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Seven in-demand jobs paying over $30 an hour
Finding a great career can be a terrific long-term proposition. But which careers should you be looking at? One thing to look for before pursuing a hopefully rewarding and long-lasting career is how…
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Whats popular in Web Design currently?
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At Chernobyl, Hints of Nature’s Adaptation
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A fair amount of news happening right now with the Net Neutrality issue:

Netflix CEO Calls for Net Neutrality, Blasts Abusive ISPs
In a blog post this week, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings advocated for Net Neutrality and took ISPs to task for not doing the same
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Why You Should Be Worried About Net Neutrality
If you like the way the Internet is now, I’ve got some bad news for you: Things may be changing. New rules proposed by the Federal Communications Commission could mean...
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Major U.S. Internet Providers Accused of Deliberately Slowing Traffic
Five major internet service providers in the US and one in Europe have been accused of abusing their market share to interfere with the flow of the internet for end users. The accusations come from Level 3, a communications company that helps connect large-scale…
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