My Field Trip

Sorry if you tried to see me yesterday.

I was able to go to the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). It’s hosted in downtown Houston, and is pretty incredible. ~80,000 people attend each year, tons of companies from all over the world with booths and representatives (some costing half a million), and some amazing technology on display.

Next year we’ll try to take some students, sorry Seniors. We tried this year, but we didn’t find out students could go until it was too late. There’s an incredible range and variety in technology and jobs related to the Energy industry. If you are a senior, and are interested in the Energy industry, I can share some things with you since you obviously won’t be able to go with us next year.

Notes from speaking with industry on what they are looking for in graduates:
– Take as many STEM classes as you can stand
(Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)
– Learn a second language (or more)
– Learn and choose to actually write properly.
– Learn to program.

Other issues:
– Kids don’t want to work outside. Some jobs are outside, these jobs are not being filled.
– All applicants take a drug test. If you fail a drug test, you are permanently black listed.


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