Recent Events

So, if you came by Friday. You’re aware that I wasn’t here. Friday & Saturday were the commencement events for Rice University. You can see some of the photographs from the events from their News & Media page. I know you guys attended our very own college-related event, Senior Signing. It sounds like it turned out rather well. See more on Rice’s 101st commencement. Learn more about Rice from their youtube channel.


SBISD recently uploaded the winning entries to the MediaFest. If you aren’t graduating this year, its something you should consider participating in next year. We had a couple students from here take awards. You can see the entries here.


Of course, SBISD isn’t the only ones who has competitions like this. Adobe, and others(National Design Awards & INT’L Design Awards for example), also have their own design awards. Some of the work is pretty amazing.


Other topics of interest:
US Cites Chinese Officials in Cyber-Spying Case
6 Flexible Jobs that Pay
– VG Consoles Cost Americans $400m Annually, when off


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