If you haven’t uploaded your table-based website, you need to do that today. Next class you need to begin the CSS activities. If you haven’t found a free web server to host your website, you’ll need to do that too. If you need assistance, watch the videos from before we went on holiday.

Just before the break, a couple of you brought to my attention that FileZilla isn’t working. The tech department has blocked the port that FileZilla utilizes. I’ve left FileZilla in the video, as I still recommend it for home use, but while at school use FireFTP for now. It’s an add-on for Mozilla Firefox, and is currently working fine. It should last long enough to get the issue with FileZilla cleared up with our Tech Dept.

If you need help, watch the video on YouTube.

If you’re ready to move on, play with the code editor Adobe Brackets today. I’ve prepared a video on YouTube about it as well.

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