Intro to DreamWeaver: Hello+

Today, we’ll move on from Adobe InDesign into Adobe DreamWeaver. DreamWeaver is used to create webpages. The software allows working in code, or in design mode. This gives us a lot of control if we want it, but also gives us an easy way to build webpages.


This may seem daunting for someone with no background in building websites, but don’t worry- we’ll walk through it gradually. By the end of this unit, you’ll have the skills to build a simple, but functional website.


When learning a language, the first program we often write is just to make it say Hello World. However, HTML is not a programming language, and thanks to DreamWeaver, a lot of the code will be generated for us- so we are going to do quite a bit more than just Hello World. Watch the video on YouTube here.


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