DVaAP- 10/11

expressionism emphasized a given artist’s emotional, intensely personal reactions; it was thus in contrast to the traditional view that an artist should strive faithfully to reproduce the natural appearance of the object or person being painted, sculpted, or written about.

How do we convey feeling?

For this six weeks, we’ll be primarily using Photoshop. In the new version of Photoshop CS6, Video has been added to its capabilities (albeit it was already available in previous versions if you had the extended version). They also made a lot of upgrades to what you can do with video in PS. Photoshop, most of the time, however is not used for video, and what you can do with it has a very broad range of applications.

Learn More About Photoshop
Adobe’s CS6 Photoshop Extended


  • Origins of Experimental Video
  • Experimental Video
  • 5×5 Mini Project
  • Try Photoshop:

Origins of Experimental Video

– expressionism
–Key Ideas:
– – bold, new ideas & artistic styles
– – inner experience & emotions
– – focus on more ‘intellectual’ concepts
– – non-realistic & geometric sets

Experimental Video
– Examples to see:
— Woland
— Rotoscoping

5×5 Mini-Project
– You can work alone, no more than 2 people per 5×5.
– Examples:
Theme: Motion
Theme: Reflections

Try Photoshop:
about layers
adjustment layers
layer modes & blending options

Use the free stock photo below “Air Race 02” from Perth, Aus by QR9iudjzo to play the different effects. On your blog, post three images, one playing with adjustment layers, one playing with blending options, and one playing with filters.

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